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We’re not the brand consumers know but we are the innovation behind many brands consumers know. We are PLD and we are the key ingredient in the manufacturing, packaging and distributing of many well-known health and beauty care products across the U.S.



Our vision: To offer a solution for every health and beauty care aisle in stores today.

From solids and liquids to first-aid and diagnostics, PLD offers the full spectrum of production services for pharmaceutical customers large and small. Put our quality and service behind your brand.

Product Development

PL Developments is focused on bringing new, innovative and valuable products to market.


Our facilities are designed and built to meet all cGMP standards. Our world-class, FDA-compliant….


Package design is a key variable in consumer decision-making.

Quality and Regulatory

Our customers expect quality products and the end-consumer trusts that they are safe and effective.


PL Developments has designed a warehousing and distribution system to meet and even exceed our customers’ needs.

Creative Services

Extraordinary package design is a key differentiator in the consumer decision-making process.

Sales and Marketing

Our highly experienced sales and marketing team has over a century of combined experience in professional selling and marketing.

Contract Services

Whether you are looking for formulation development, manufacturing, custom packaging or help with distribution

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