About Adam
As Chief Expansion & Logistics Officer for PL Developments, Adam Singer oversees warehousing, logistics, infrastructure, capacity, and workflow functions. He is a natural-born problem solver and always looks forward to special projects and new challenges, while overseeing PLD’s operations across multiple states and time zones. Adam utilizes a “lead-by-example” approach that has become infectious inside the halls of PL Developments. He challenges his team to think on their feet and solve problems for PLD’s customers in the same manner he does. This leadership approach has been vital to building confidence within each of his team members when faced with difficult situations. An added benefit is that this approach continues to challenge PLD’s team to be more creative in their pursuit of a resolution. He empowers everyone around him to make the best decision for PLD. Adam is a proud alumni of Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies where he received a BS in Information Management and Technology.