Packaging Solutions

PL Developments has dedicated, high-speed packaging lines for efficient, high quality packaging for all of our customers. In addition, our FDA-registered facilities have an extensive and versatile array of capabilities to fulfill all types of liquid and solid oral dosage packaging configurations. We offer segregated, positive pressure, HEPA-filtered pharmaceutical packaging suites for regulated drugs or drugs that require special handling. Our capabilities include bottling, blistering, cartoning, pouching, clamshell, twinpacks, vial packs, and many other types of creative packaging options for both liquid and solid dosage forms. We operate in a fully cGMP-compliant facility and have been certified by various third-party agencies, including our customers.

We offer a wide range of packaging options:

–   Bottles
–   Blisters
–   Cartons
–   Displays
–   Pouches
–   Clamshell
–   Twinpacks
–   Vial on Packs


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